Red Winter

AVISO DE AUSENCIA DE secret_window
Por que moverles el corazon con tristeza, cuando puedo moverles el alma con sonrisas?

Nips in her lips, lacerations on my nape 

Dripped like dried fountains down her cape 

Nail trails in dirt, yet her carnal mouth shut--no signs of struggle, no wails escaped

No break, no scrape, just her body gently pale and on top her hair, impeccably draped.

Who'd be so imprudent, as to soil a damsel's gown? 

No gallant, no horses, not a sight alive around 

Not even in the cloak of night, her shadow had left her to drown 

In the coldness of this town, wearing ice diamonds as her crown. 

What is a gentleman to do, but to tighten its sombre glove 

To grasp the suffocating smoky breathe, of such a lovely dying dove 

Shield with your warmness, my loyal cloak, such silky skin of thy cub 

Leave it to me, to brush off her hair charmingly, all the snow's crumbs. 

Thy shall be my wife, to wonder drunkenly under our sheets 

To clasp under my wing, shall I smell your flesh creamy as wheat 

Blessed it be the day, when I found you in the streets 

Thereafter you escaped in my slumber, leaving me to weep.

Let your frozen blood to let be known, I'll set fire to town 

To lay rest upon the pillow's air, what in you I have found 

What's there to live for in him who does not ages, but an endless bleeding wound 

What's there of any meaning to a king, when his queen has been uncrowned? 

To those who mourn her, as she wakes and I kiss her 

Abandon her, I wouldn't, I've been not living since her

It was I who bit her, it has been for long just me, who's missed her 

You mourn her now that she's gone, and now as I lift her--

Be grateful, I shall enjoy her for eternity, just as you shall live her eternal red blood's winter. 




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