In Life And Death

By the time I was done, you were back in my arms 

Shuffling our fingers like a delicate deck of cards 

There was sweat in my neck, sweat in my palms 

And a sting from each drop, under each bracelet of each scars.

To stop the tears on my pillowcases was impossible, but not the snot on your sweatshirt 

And the sundown falling on my hair as you brushed it back, like red dirt 

Each gentle pat made me throb, made my head hurt 

Sleeping not being an option, we'd interrupt with a yet or but. 

With scars on my arm crusty blooded, you'd still find my skin silky

Falling asleep without me, with such a pretty face, really? 

You're just a man with a tired back and you still find strengh to build me 

Yet here I am bleeding my nails like will he ever leave me? Will he? 

Insomniacs do what insomniacs will do, so I stay awake staring at the ceiling 

Will I ever hang from it from a rope, from my wings, will it ever be healing? 

Someone barge in and steal his feeling that's peeling 

The tissue from my lungs, making it tempting to stop breathing.

Come morning I'll ask you, don't trigger the alarms 

Let me rest in your scent, while my sad abyss is unarmed 

Once arrived the sunset, I'll embrace you in my chest, beating calm yet alarmed

If it's to end, let it end, while you're still here, back in my arms. 


  • Mazka

    Hermoso, un placer leerte.

    • moon\'s_messenger

      Muchisimas gracias por leerme! Un saludo y bendiciones.

    • WandaAngel

      Just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

      • moon\'s_messenger

        Thank you so much for reading me! Always happy to share and read your comments!

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