Dios te conoce

He knows my secret desires ... My way of being ... of the desires and dreams ... that no one can understand ...

* Of my truth of life, of my way of thinking, of tears and laughter ... ... that time with its haste can only erase

What I like or dislike about this world. 

He knows ...! What I prefer or not prefer in love ...! Sometimes I accidentally hear a murmur ... And I ignore it and through tears I laugh and wonder ...!

What's inside ?...! If I don't even know that I want to ...!

He knows * Everything that worries me, that does not let me sleep ... of what my life seeks ..., and also ... that nobody cares ... Of why I always give my soul, when I I start to sing, why my laughter ... that nobody will ever know but ...

Only he knows, so the soul vibrates with emotion

Of   your pleasures and intimate desires ...

Water is a mirror of the face, but the person we are is reflected in the heart.

The mighty hand of God ... formed us

but in his word he left a reminder 

"Above all things kept, guard your heart because life flows from it" Because the heart is deceitful, more than all things ... who will know it?





  • Kitty20

    El mundo te puede señalar o tratar de juzgarte por ser quien eres, por ser SIMPLEMENTE TU!! No debemos perder nuestra esencia por agradar a los demås. Pues nos estaremos engañando a nosotros mismos. Dios nos conoce por dentro y por fuera y nos ama.

    • O-PoemasđŸ·

      Amén así es.
      Gracías ⚘

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