Because of her

Time ago,
I had a purpose,
I had a life,
I had my faith.

I lost it all,
I lost myself and I gave up.

I felt so broken, I got so lost.

But one day she came across,
She lift me up and held my hand.

Because of her, I smiled again,
I laughed a bit harder, I cried a bit less.

It made me think: "I've lost my way",
It made me say: "I'm not myself"

"I will recover from all this pain,
I will embrace all of the scars,
I'll find my way, I'll find my heart,
I'll be wiser and stronger than I was".

I learned from time to time,
I'm gonna suffer,
I will fall down.

But I'll have her hand.
Oh... I'll have my friend.

Because of her,
I'll laugh a bit harder.

Because of her,
I'll cry a bit less.

Because of her,
I'll be stronger,
And finally,
I'll smile again.

... If you've ever truly loved someone,
Keep it in your heart,
And it'll always be with you.


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