How far you can get


Have you ever been so scared about open up your heart that you rather let the teardrops sink your faith instead of asking anyone's help?

Have you ever been so broken that you rather look for dying instead of looking for inner strength?

Have you ever felt your chest aching like a star collapsing with itself, shaping up your heart to have a pebble's size?

Always remember life will beat you down... one, two and many more times. So you'll have to stop the rain coming down your cheeks, you'll have to join the pieces of your heart after the mess and you'll have to rise again like the sun does every morning.

And If you ever doubt of yourself,
I hope I can be there..
Just to remind you where you have been and how far you can get.

  • Autor: Tolerant Dragon (Seudónimo) (Offline Offline)
  • Publicado: 14 de enero de 2020 a las 02:13
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  • Coty

    Hopeful and kind. Sweet words for times of despair. People always need an inner voice to overcome difficulties. Thanks for sharing.

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