Hands Down

Meditating about this love have been the most sadness action that my soul along with my heart could process. From the last fight, the feelings have been vanished (like my ac car when does work and suddenly stop working), and I don’t know where to take it except here. Maybe, I feel this emptiness because the discrepancy occurs when Anger was controlling your mood and we could not resolve it by drowning us in the ecstasy of pleasure,  ..or maybe because this last fight cut and burn the last thread that hold us as unity.



I don’t want you to go. I want to love you more than anything, more than my mother (rest and piece). I want to keep scaling along with my love the invisible huge fences that our society implants on us. Is this love? Is this admiration? How even we got here? I know you feel the same. The eyes that saw me with love now betray you like a pet when does something wrong.


Sadness is around me because our love. Isn’t supposed to be happiness? It is understandable things break up and humanity evolve, it is who we are. I don’t want you to go. To me, you are like those machine that help others when they have a stroke. Yes, that is what you mean to me, and talking is not helping between us although we haven’t talk that much since that day.



I am afraid to mention this matter you. What about if you agreed and leave? I don’t want that.  A coward most people will call me or will tell me to confront my reality. Obviously, they don’t know what love is about. They haven’t found their soulmate. There is not reality without you, and if you not here my reality is a Hypnic jerk.

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