You were once a caterpillar,
Every day looking to change,
For the society you quitted to,
In the pursuit of your wings.

Later on, you were a chrysalis,
Every day looking to emerge,
This time self-reliant,
Just awaiting for a chance.

For you sought no more attention,
But only happiness to live,
In the path you had your lessons,
And you fought to get up here.

But look at you, my butterfly,
Here you are, flying around,
No more looking for acceptance,
No more looking to fit in.

From the deep, you've reached the sky,
Slightly touching heaven's clouds,
From your dreams, you've come to fly,
To the beautiful reality,
That once was born in your heart.

I shall admire you forever,
For going through this change,
You've become a great Monarch,
The sovereign...
Of your very own realm.



  • kavanarudén

    A beautiful poem
    I have always admired the metamorphosis of the butterfly caterpillar. That chrysalis that opens and leaves the butterfly free.
    Stop dragging yourself on the ground and become a butterfly.
    I also admire the butterfly.
    I really liked your poem. A metaphor of life and courage that you must have to change, transform ...
    Thanks for your lyrics.
    A big hug from me
    Sorry for my English 🙁

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