One night...

You cried down to sleep, 

Forgotten, forsaken, and brokenhearted, 

And your chest ached so deep, 

You tried to rip your heart out of it.


One night...

The size of your heart,

Shrank like a pebble,

And the will in your soul, 

Vanished like morning mist. 


But this time, 

You stay up all night,

Smiling like a child,

Full of hopes and life.


This time...

You've got such a braveheart, 

With an unbreakable spirit,

And a focused mind. 



You've become the bishop,

Of your own cathedral, 

We will call your heart. 



You've become the knight, 

Of your own castle,

We will call your mind. 



You've become the ruler, 

Of your own land, 

We will call your life.


And as you see way back, 

Kindly remember that time,

Which brought you here, 

Into a new life.



    More of the time is dificult to take it, but is excelente when we have it.

    See yuo later

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