Would you.

If my soul would torn apart,
Every day and every night,
While my heart is been consumed,
By the fire of deception.

Would you tell me not to worry?
Would you softly hold my hand?
Would you join up all the pieces?
Like if nothing ever changed.

If at night I shared my secrets,
And widely open my chest,
For you to look in the inside,
My darkness, willingness and faith.

Would you hold up all the fire stone?
From the blaze within my heart,
Would you take from all the ashes...
The remainings of my life?

If I told you I don't trust you...
Would you save me from myself?
Would you take me out of the nightmare?
As I did... When you were there.


  • kavanarudén

    Deception is one of the things that is very difficult, if not impossible, to forgive.
    A wound that continues to bleed and can not heal.
    A beautiful poem, full of feeling, of pain.
    I loved it.
    It is always a pleasure to read you
    On my part a strong poet hug.

    • Cortez

      Exactly, as you said, really difficult... But not impossible. Thanks for your words! I appreciate the comment. Best regards!

    • Syol *

      meaningful piece of poetry ...

      cheers !

      • Cortez

        Best regards!

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