Love is just like that



Love is just like that


I take a look behind, with fear and nostalgia

Hoping not to make the same old mistakes

Praying for keep what we have, what we are

Trying to avoid what the destiny want for us


I cry while I'm writting this simple words

'Cause I never forget what happened before

And I never want to repeat that things bad

I only want, is my desire, to let that behind, in the past


No one more than you and me, my little dear

Knows what we do for resist against the adversity

Nobody knows our suffering or the pain inside

As well as how much great is our love


We're strong, we won all the situations that we face

And it never mattered how terrifiy was the gale,

It never mattered how much our poor hearts were bleeding

None of that mattered, 'cause love can fight against everything


So princess, don't worry, just trust on me, on the truth

I promise, I will never fail or betray to you

Since even though it sounds like a corny or cliche thing

I can't wait for the day in which I put on your finger a ring


I don't know write songs, and I think that my poems are the worst

But you inspire me, you make that bright the stars

Only you do that, when I'm close my eyes, you make me see another world

And when you kiss me, I can fly trough the sky and the clouds


But in every single history of love, there has to be darkness

'Cause I wish i can tell you that I'll be forever by your side

But that, is a promise disguised of a lie

You know that as well as i know, it's a matter of time


But, you know what? I don't believe in a future designed

So I won't worry for this foolish about

I just wanna enjoy and fall in love of my life, without a mansion or a car

I just want to be happy with the girl I chosen to live

  • Autor: M&M (Seudónimo) (Offline Offline)
  • Publicado: 23 de octubre de 2018 a las 18:53
  • Categoría: Amor
  • Lecturas: 37
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