I'll remind you.


When the words are not enough,
And your heart's about to break...

When your voice starts to crack,
And you know you'll fall apart...

Just remember,
I am here for you,
Just tightly hold my hand...

Just remember,
I'm the one,
Who will always be right there...

If you ever want to escape,
From your thoughts, life and dreams...

If you ever want to runaway...
From this world and everyone on it.

I won't ask you,
Take me with you...

I won't tell you,
This is not the way...

I will only be so patience,
As you were,
When I was there...

I'll remind you,
I was like you,
Till the day you held my hand...

I'll remind you,
You're an angel...

Born to save,
Not to be tamed,
For any reason,
Nor anyone else.



  • Syol *

    Loved it !

    • Cortez

      Thanks! I Appreciate the comment.

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