"It wasn't my intention...
To let your feelings die." 

"It wasn't my intention...
To break your heart apart." 

It's always been the same... 
Just intentions and regrets.

It's always been the same... 
Just "I'm sorry"... "My mistake". 

I'm tired of apologies... 
I'm tired of the same. 

Just bullshit and forgiveness... 
From the cradle to the grave.

Yet my inside still beats... 
Like a warrior I'm alive.

And I promise once again ...
Soon or late... 
I'll be back to fight another day.


  • Ana Maria Germanas

    So beautiful John !, a great pleasure to read it .-
    Why dont you show too, a translation to spanish, ?
    Fine to meet you here.-

    • Cortez

      Because there are certain poems that lose the feeling whenever you translate them to Spanish but I'll give a try! Jajaja gracias por comentar. Saludos!

      • Ana Maria Germanas

        Jhon, hola, este especialmente, es perfecto, para que lo traduzcas, tiene un contenido intenso, excelente, aun trasladado, a rima libre .-
        , Feliz con tu amistad , un muy cordial saludo.-

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