Agatha Naomi




I can't understand what r u doing or looking 4....

u have my hearth on ur hands but in any moment he's gonna fly n ur not gonna stop it. 

my hearth hurts again, u make feel pain.

I don't know what do u want!!!! I give u all my soul n it isn't enough, 

U always search more n more, trust me I don't have more.

I laid all my body, my hearth, my soul on ur hands but isn't enough again....

U make me feel guilty, like if I would be mad.

I LEFT ALL 4 U, ALL 4 U....

I can't trust on u, I tried, I really try, but I can't.

I saw u with other, I couldn't believe it, I though that was ur friend.... I'm looser!!!!, how could I think that it obvious, she's the other, the kismet. 

I told u, I'm not a toy, I', not a game, I have feelings, I feel when u r strange, but u didn't trust on me. I was blind, I was hidden but not more, It's over!!!! 

I'm walking again to the darkness, to the loneliness.... I don't want, cuz there's an end, the forever sleep, the eternal rest, where u can c really close the stars.

U were lovable, lovely but u changed a lot.

I really believed that u love me, like u used to say me, but NOW I woke up from my lovely dream, where I was happy, where my wishes became true....

now I'm not blind any more, get out of my life!!!!

Leave me with my darkness, my loneliness.... they wolud never fail me.... GET OUT!!!!! please.... Please don't see behind u, just leave me GET OUT!!!! forget me, please, get out

 get out get out get out I don't love u any more,  get out.....

ssshhhhhhh!!!!!!! silence please!!!! no, no, no, no, please don't whisper that u love me, plase SHUT UP!!!! shut up shut up shut up!!!!! ur voice makes my hearth in pieces, it's break, please don't breath, cuz I don't want fall down again SHUT UP!!!! do u understand???? SHUT UP!!!! please please please please please please please please please please please please I trusted on u.... GET OUT!!!! ur a lyer get out!!!!! I DON'T NEED U TO BE ALIVE I DON'T NEED U!!!!



  • PoemasDeLaSu

    No te sientas un juguete, está muy bien sacarlo de tu vida si es preciso, pero también, a veces son las reglas del juego. Y el caminar de nuevo en la oscuridad no es tan malo, uno encuentra allí la lucecita intermitente de la realidad. En la soledad también nos "vamos" hacia nuestro interior. Muy bueno. Besos

    • Agatha Naomi

      muchas gracias esas palabras fueron inspiracion de momento
      cuando llega a la oscuridad a veces termina todo
      besos y abrazos

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