Slave of freedom

My eyes

Lost in my mind, I used to thought about you every night
Wondering who you are and imagine your eyes bright as a star
I close my eyes and visualize your lips close to mines...
You, yes you
Were my thought of every night
But then, one day I decide to stop picture you... To be continue.


  • Fantasma Enamorado

    Seems nice, but you'd probably need some fine tuning on the spelling. Over all, I think the substance is beautiful. ⚘⚘

    • Fantasma Enamorado

      We should and will never stop learning. Blessings to you.😁😁

      • Slave of freedom

        Oops I guess I erase the wrong comment hehehe and yes, we never stop learning, you have that sooo right. Blessings all your way. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

      • Ravniko Juur Holstain

        The spelling doesn't matter as long you get the beauty of the written word across...
        Thanks for sharing your words with us...

        • Slave of freedom

          Awe thank you Rav! :) it's my pleasure to share with you guys!

        • Alberto Acevedo

          I like your poems. You have a lot of passion. Greetings.

          • Slave of freedom

            Thank you so much Alberto. In process😊 blessings all your way!

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