Samuel Santana

Be mine

Say you love me again.
In every move you make.
In every word you say.
In every breath you take,
I just want to hear
that you love me again.

I will always love you.
Look into my heart.
I am so anxious,
when I see your eyes.
I feel like the first
time with you.

In the shelter we are together.
Each time you kiss me
I feel the future in your lips.
And when you cry
I can’t see the sky.

I hated the road where
You stayed alone.
Everything have changed
when I fall in love.
You are a little piece of gold
in my hands.
Here I am,
just waiting for you.

I don’t wanna do something wrong.
I know your heart.
It will be the last time.
Please forgive me.
My word is true and
came from my soul.

The wind blows strong.
I can hear your voice.
Now close your eyes.
See me in your dreams.
In the bedroom you
are my wisdom.
Please drop my tie
and walk over me.

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