The white water

  • I love when my eyes are closed and quiets,

because I can draw in the sky what I feel.

Something weird was what I thought.

It was a girl flying in the lie.


Me-I might help you if you like.

She- that it’s very impolite.

Me- Why?

She- Talk me with respect; I’m a very beautiful girl. Rich, because I’m the daughter’s queen, with lot of men on my back. Why do you ask?

Then, I take some water feigning a mirror and I gave to her. Then, she start to cry. She was seeing the truth.

She was a poor broken-hearth girl, living on the shadow’s sill.

On that moment, I understood why I liked to go alone with my close eyes.

I prefer scare away the truth and live on my own lie. That make me think on the love that I could have had.

But well, to be with you I only need to close my eyes.


  • Black Lyon

    Sometimes, living a lie, is better that seeing the truth.

    That love you could have had, maybe, after a long time, will come into a nightmare.


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