Marco Antonio (El Gringo)

Over You

with a bracing jolt, from my heart I pulled out the poisoned spear
though I felt with it departed all the memories I once held so dear
blood still dripping from the wound caused by your deadly sword
my walk sublime for I endured, you lied - but I still have my word


looking back, you or me, there is no telling who was to blame
for all that matters is that once bright, there burned a flame
too often you made me cry, now lost is the warmth of my smile
once I wished we had loved forever, though now glad it was only awhile


little by little I have learned to live without the comfort of your touch
day by day I forget all those magic moments that once meant so much
with the years I will disguise my feelings, laughter and pain, all just the same
and by the end of time, perhaps I won't remember your face - or even your name



Marco '94



  • Trovador de Sueños ...y realidades.

    Memories that will never forget, excellent ... dear friend. A pleasure to read of your pen and inspiration.

    Best regards.


  • Nancy Ruiz Lee

    Beautiful and nostalgic poem. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Elizabeth Chacon Stevens

    Thank you for sharing your emotions about being over your love. The flame is over, so is the love. No more pain, no more disguising your feelings. You are free like a flying eagle. And you will embrace happiness again.



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