Julian Moreno

As the raven flies.

People are seen as the raven flies,

they are criying and weeping,

quiet he remains,

he decides to listen the tears screaming.


As the raven flies some are spread

so that dreams can come together,

fate meets the raven, 

he stills quiet.


Different languages come across,

the raven is still flying,

there is a language they all seem to share,

however not all of them speak it.


Life's silence the raven seeks,

a riddle makes the raven wonder

"Why they have two ears and one mouth?"

Sadly, he awaits for their answer.


The rivers also yell to the raven,

there is a lack of love,

some are getting further,

finding useless reasons to be apart.


Roar raven roar! roar in the silence,

make yourself noticeable,

the end is around the corner,

and indeed is uncertain.


As the raven flies he sees how blood is spread,

sadness creeks humans have built;

a rainbow is drawn upon his face,

a rainbow which erases his tears.


The sky cries black feathers as the raven flies,

storms want to stop the raven, bravely he continues

raven it is just another flight, carry on!

and never give up!


Steel birds walk around like ants as the raven flies,

a cloud of smoke surrounds them as they drown in their built needs,

blind needs in their eyes,

eyes that are waiting to be opened.


Raven, raven flight away, 

forget your sorrow and don't delay.



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