Praise the Lord

we should praise the lord with our hearts we should lift him more higher we should praise him with our mind, and arms we should give or say testimony on his name we should give the glory to god we should be with him him in good or bad sintuation god earned our respect and stole our heats for a good benefit praise the lord just praise him, and called out for him and he come we should praise for all those beatiful things he did in our life we need to realize that there is a god that love us very much god sent his only son to saved the world from all sins we need to love god more and more each and everyay day praise the lord just praise him in the holy spirit praise god people praise jesus praise the holy spirit in the name of the father son holy spirit ame


  • acrobata

    Alguien tiene un traductor por ahí a mano.......me cachis que nos vamos a quedar con las ganas de leerlo.

    Ya sabia yo que tenía que aprender la lengua de Shakespeare.

  • Sento

    Yo me quedé con las ganas hasta que venga otro poema mas.



    that 's right my friend let prays to his name glory to jesus aleluya

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