Afraid of thee, close to me.

Every street is a river with unpredictable floods
All the mouses are machines with algorithms
Big monster trucks are dying in favor of little ones
You come to her house and a big stop reflects light  

To go or not visit falls like thunder at decision process
My Italian shoes, get wet in a dirty pond, I stop, guess
After all, women are rulers, not friends, gamers, shadows.
And I, being paranoid as life   so, I better run.  

Run you lover of Sunshine's trough ugly buildings

You lomeoker of sun rays through decay alley, sycamores
Feel good of fleeing from her, but dogies and misters
Rage is reveal in their black eyes, she is nobodies baby  

They say as I take an electric symbol of city travel
Sit, take my nexus, hear the watch say over pulse
My aunt used to say better flee than stay recluse
But I have nothing, nor kin nor peach, only shadows  

In fear i live, so afraid of she as I pretend in love to be.

In fear I would not grow nor exist that she I dream wlth me.

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