Zoraya Rodríguez (Águila de Luz)



I hear your voice,

in the silence with noise,

I have your heart,

inside of my head,


I hear your silence,

when you touch my mouth,

when I give you the rhythm,

I have your lips once again,


in the bedroom, in the dark,

I can see in my sky the star,

and we are in silence,

but, I hear your whisper,


like a slow breath in your mouth,

when my nose is caughtness,

and my desires are your life,

without sadness neither happiness,


I hear your noise,

when is your voice,

that tell me “I love you”,

and I stay with glad emotion,


when my passion,

is the most important thing,

and I think in your feeling,

between the truth and false,

of these hidden love.


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