Cast away

Why Am I giving satisfactions, trying to be loved by those who will never do?

In life you have you, kith or kin and the myriad, which is hostile by definition.

Cooperation is possible by an infinite way of ways, but then, why we engage?

Noosphere appeared on the dictionary today intentionally, meaning Your Sphere,

Not a bit, even a little bit of Noosphere could be mine in any given sense or perspective.

The Idea of caste appears to bring sense, confirming me as an everlasting outcast.


Cast is therefore an idea which means specially the act of putting someone out.

This is precisely a concept applicable to persons who don’t deserve to be human.


As days go by we are always accused of many errors, so much, from here to moon.

This was a place where such kind of people could fight for life, so becoming human,

Not a lunatic!  Interesting, clear, idea: you Lunatic go to the moon and be a Human

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