Lost words


Merchant of other’s happiness and seller of desolation
It is the search that shows them to the seeker,
Running around the evil part of us, dancers and judges
The path is not always clear, or full of signification.

As these words are, forced to appear in this paper of fear
For me fear is allover and nowhere, indefinable feeling
That bides me, attacks me, poet’s press without rhyming
Writing with no sense for the living and less for the rest

The dreams are more significant than daylight, unreachable
Relations, constructs, values, rules of difficult understanding,
Non-transparent nature of the state is expected or a vice?

Dreams are clearer in their meanings, on the other side.
Dreams tell me what I really am what I like and want, loath,
Desire, fear, statutory inventory of the inner self, 

What one can abide, the notion of pride
A deconstruct of social prejudice,

Many are those notions, settled by tradition
And moral, brought to constitutions by constituents
with lend consciences, never questioned or confronted  with the state of the art, or, inversely, using the last developments
To justify old excesses or real injustices, by us repented.

ADHD as a convenient mean of avoiding
Questioning and difference as a right of the young 
even when the parents guide directs.

The right to express opinion demands the obligation to consider and we see clearly that even social networks are being thrown to a limb 
Of unreality like neighbours garden or shinning cars, 
so people behave by patterns more and more related  to lobbies influence, on and out politics and corporation world.

And so with a hand in hell, our leaders must deal with reality, the decay of values inverted as a world  where family and carreer, by inverse order,
Are shadows of clicking of accelerated time.

Considering the intended purpose, regret
When those themes fall in a space as this,
People's talking of subjects they can't forget
A strange measure, alienated acute bisectrix.



  • El Hombre de la Rosa

    Una soberbia muestra de tu genial arte poetico amigo Mera Gente
    Saludos y amistad de Críspulo

    • bjpafa

      Muito obrigado pela sua atenção, e as desculpas pela repetida falta do merecido agradecimento. Obrigado sincero de Meragente

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