Falling Coin

I lean like candles in the wind,

Said the master of love and mercy.

This is an evening of great meaning.


Love an glory were discussed,

An object of profound debate

By the owners of life and knowledge

And the enchanter of time,

All seated around an orange table

Tainted violet by the taken pledge.


If everyone were having the blues

got a positive answer, oh Jesus!.

Nothing more was to discuss.

That evening the stars rotate beyond muse.

So day was allowed to give is way to a flush.


So winds, cheering the decision, proud,

allowed children to be given birth

By mortal creatures of earth.

At some point, babies cried out loud.


Life after death appeared to fit.

Or just a sound was interpreted as a cry.

Just another anonymous coin falling to a pit.

Upon humanity´s inability to rely.

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