Jhon Carlo


I just wanna feel him

it just for a moment,

it just for a second,

a minute,

for the time of a hug,

a touch, a kiss.


All these things

are odds and ends

of my thoughts,

of my whispers,

of me and this love,

that is about to die,

in my mind, my body,

my hands and my lips.


  • luna77

    very touching words poet!!
    i send you a big huh!!:)

    • Jhon Carlo

      Thanks my friend Luna ^^

    • El Hombre de la Rosa

      The poet dear friend is measured by its elegance and class in Spanish traducciendo your feelings poetic friend.
      beautiful poem
      Afectio greetings and friendship

      • Jhon Carlo

        Thanks my friend Críspulo
        Regards to you

      • Enrique del Nilo

        all need
        A hug, a kiss
        a caress
        a tender look
        that makes us shudder

        with these little things
        do our household
        for advance in life

        I leave a brotherly hug

        • Jhon Carlo

          And all these things are the obsession for a person.
          Regards and a hug my friend Enrique.

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