THE WAY THAT YOU ARE (cómo eres)

The feeling I had was a thing I don’t know
I was enslaved just to her beauty and no more
My empty head was always turned into her
I felt like sharing the way that you were

Your innocence was a thing that I loved
I followed you like to the God who’s above
So pretty and so pure, I thought you were this way
I wish you’d never been the way that you were

Seems I begin to wake and see your real face
I realize you turned my heart into a game
You’re such a fake that is just trampling my life
I’d never like to be the way that you are

Now I’m scrawling all my feelings right here
These are much more of what you’ll ever be
Lies, tales and letdowns, you have ripped up my mind
I’m never gonna be the way that you are

But you can count on me, because I love you so far
And because I’ll never be the way that you are


Chester Davis



    Asi mismo es amigo uno es propio camino y los caminos somos nosotros,very god letters my friends thanks for this, un abrazo

  • இஆ» eL Chico D las PoesíaZ «ஆஇ

    Bueno tenía que traducirlo para entenderlo, pues bien mi amigo...
    Muy buen poema y no digo nada más... para que otros puedan leerlo ...

    Un abrazo fraternal!!
    Cuídate mucho!!

    La frase del día:
    "La verdad y el amor deben prevalecer sobre la mentira y el odio."


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