Open bar for Angels


Lionhearts wanted a night off, so I opened a bar  

With drinks on the house and a piano, to drown their affliction  

Even with a night on the town, they do not come for the liquor  

Merely for the throbbing sadness, remolded in art.  


For the one wishing renaissance, it played the night on Monteverdi  

His fellow with its head down, craved to listening Mozart  

Let the keys swamp in the melody notes, said he  

And into the starry city, reach those with whole hearts.  


As a pianist, I played for the lonely, that resembled the music of Bach  

Painted along the unreal violinist, playing along to Beethoven  

Like this, through the night, accompanied the compositor staring the clock  

Clutched in its chords, unconscious in the music with his wings wide open.  


By my rear sat another angel, shooting down teary, rusty daggers  

The tune in the air whispered this one’s been broken by a tart  

Like so, I played a music to refrain his night from depart   

What better subject to amend its bosom, than the romance genius Wagner.  


At midnight the bar will close, yet my piece will not just cease  

Seraphs need a breather, before breaking to Heaven and missions  

My piano and I shall be waiting, to welcome them at opening hour six’  

To cleanse them of their oblivion, with our open bar of compositions.