Perdoname por favor

I feel pain
so much that you don' know
I dont know the truth, what do I do?
since the day that I knew you
I follow without know what I do.
I want know
but I'm more lost I than ever
still I feel ill
still I don't found the way
I can't follow so
I want that shine the sun again
and leave of see all grey
I wish I was not mistaken so many times
I would like don't losing you
I wish it was don't losing you?
I dont knew that I lost
I will miss you for all my life.
you should kill to me
plase I dont resist more without you.
you break my heart
I dont know how follow with alive
I wait that this be the last good bye
I can't over
I know you will say
you did to me a lot pain
but to me I hurt more now
please forgive me now