Marco Antonio (El Gringo)

The Carnage

And from the deepest, darkest, and most sinister abyss your true self arose
your sword of hatred you swung, even when I was pleading on my knees
without compassion, relentlessly a cruel carnage upon me you unleashed
and with a macabre smile, my heart, my mind, and my soul you besieged


Growing inconspicuously inside the cocoon of our love that I so much nourished
not a butterfly, but a deadly wasp would emerge and then turn against me
the pain of its sting too much to bear, its venom I shall carry to my grave
my spirit pierced, my dignity and pride stolen, my own life I could not save


Never will I be able to live again, to give to others that which you took

my devotion, hope, my love, and the trust that once upon you I bestowed
from the beginning with malice, carefully a web of deceit you weaved
without a clue, all the words from your mouth, all the lies… I believed


In the middle of the night, I still cry out for you, out of love and pain
my heart drowned in tears of the torture you imposed, my mind in disbelief
surely the signs were always there, the arrogance and the lack of compromise
blinded by your promises, how was I to know that my love would mean my demise


Ending our love without even honoring the times we shared with each other
nothing was salvaged, not the faintest magic moment was left unblemished
alive and awake the most horrible of nightmares I live, taunted by your face
without refuge, incessantly running from the remembrance, hiding in disgrace


Suffering is all there is left, my strength drained by the struggle of your hate
I find no relief in hope for a better tomorrow, for it too succumbed to you
heartlessly there you stood, your words of devastation still echo in my mind
I begged for the truth, I searched but you eluded, the answers I could not find


Zeal of the love you once feigned in days now past, all the dreams, just a farce
everything your own conception, carefully orchestrated for a self-serving purpose
you never intended to stand by my side, to listen to my cries when I was sad
without regard for anything we shared, you threw away everything good we had


Kisses that once tasted of wine, now forever vinegar will linger on my lips
I feel the anguish of your legacy and my agony grows with every beat of my heart
I curse he who speaks your name and the day we first met, everything I regret
the pain deep within my soul, my body already dead, I wish I could forget


Alone in my despair, filled with poison, I come to rest and breathe my last air
the image of you I once held so dear, I fear not, for your derision lies exposed
though no game to win or lose, those things within me that you could not see
beloved, what have you done? - but behold, for I will arise anew with love still in me!

Marco \'94