maria ignacia

The unforgettable


Looking for someone that you can’t find

Maybe this is time to say good bye


But I want to hear you, and I want to kiss you, not miss you

But you never come back


I just want to said that I’m thinking all day In your skin in your face

In your way to pretend

That you were here next to me

When the truth is

That you’ve never been there for me


When was the day that you forget?

That I was there for you every day

And tell me when was the day

When you stop feeling the same


The day we broke up my heart stop beating fast

And someone decides to appears for me

But now I don’t know what I feel for him.

I can’t sleep without dream about your skin and your lips

And that’s the way I feel since you’re not here for me

Since you decided to disappeared

And you stop thinking about me.