when I was younger,

I felt the love inside

but know I can understand

the meaning of those words.


I was too child

when you leave me alone

and know I can say

I don´t need you anymore


´cause I die when you go

´cause I never heal

the scar in my heart


and still now

I can´t understand

why you stay away from me

and return after time

treatin´ me

like nothing else happens.


now, I can´t recognize

the word dad

I don´t know

what you try to say

when you spell the word love


sorry, ´cause I try to apologize you,

I swear that I´m doin´all in my hands

to tell you

that loves is on me,


but everytime I´m feeling better

you throw it off

and it hurts


every word kills me

´cause it strikes

in my unhealin´wound


I try to imagine

a world with you

I´m fightin´for my goals

you´re the most important

Do you know?

But your fuckin´acttitude

piss me off


You´re a great person for me

but still now

you can´t be

my fuckin´heroe


it hurts, I´m feeling bad

tellin´this stuffs

I admire

all the things you made for me

all the sacrifice, for the family

but I can´t understand

I can´t appreciate

why you behave like this


I do everything

to gain your respect

I fight with all my enemies

to put you safe

but my strength

began to fail

so please,

Could you fight besides me?